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At SHIFT, we understand the primary goal in sport is to win. Period. We know the demands of high-level athletics and the rigors of training to be the best. With this understanding, we form individualized training programs based on a comprehensive evaluation and years of experience in many training modalities and sport environments.

Our Process


Athletes are the best compensators on the planet, bar none. With this in mind we give a thorough assessment to find the root cause of movement discrepancies or weaknesses. From these findings we can give specific exercises to retrain the nervous system and establish harmony in the athlete again. There is no guesswork involved in our process and this allows us to create individualized programs that get results in a much shorter time.

Home Program

As an athlete, you are training at a very high level year round. This means that you are stressing, breaking down, and possibly ingraining poor movement habits in your body year round. At SHIFT, we design a home exercise program for your specific needs to help undo all of this stress to your system. Without this consistent attention to detail through exercise, your body and mechanics could break down prematurely leading to injury and time away from your passion. It is our job to give you the knowledge on how to create sustainable training, but we require you to have the responsibility to carry through with it. This home program creates balance in your training.


Every training session at SHIFT has a defined purpose and progression to create the best athlete possible. The workouts focus not only on building your raw physical capacities as an athlete but also creating a quality of muscle and movement that is not addressed in most training facilities. We do not use flashy exercises that allow movement compensation to complete the task. Instead, we use very precise exercises that require complete concentration and exact body control. Every workout has a cardiovascular warmup, a general and exact warm-up for your targeted joints, specific strengthening and stretching, and a cool down involving respiratory techniques and ELDOA.

Our tools for your game: How it works

At SHIFT our primary objective is to create awareness through movement. This means using precise exercise for a particular goal. Every tool in our toolbox is used to help develop the best possible athlete. This not only means a strong and mobile human but also one who is injury-free. These are our techniques.

Global movements have an important place in every program; however, only segmental training can adequately address specific weaknesses in those global patterns. Every muscle has a deep and superficial aspect, proximal and distal or hinge, as well as several ranges of motion. This means there are thousands of exercises that can be used to address weaknesses and create complete body control and balance in an athlete. Rope slams and sled pushes do not compare. Additionally, all of these exercises can be used within particular parameters for different effects like power, speed, hypertrophy, and flexibility. To use a muscle for sport, you must first have a muscle in your mind. Segmental training establishes this connection.

SHIFT’s intelligently applied “traditional” strength training and sports performance. After Segmental control has been established, global movements like the squat are introduced. There are several variations of the squat, for example, for different goals for the ligament, muscle, joint, etc. Global exercises are also used to create a better cortical image for posture and movement. Here we create a transition from segmental control and precise movement to more direct movement applied to sport and life like agility, coordination, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Your muscles, and your entire body for that matter, are covered in a connective tissue called fascia. This fascia is crucial to our function and performance as athletes. At SHIFT, we use specific stretches to address this fascia that leads to better tissue health and improved flexibility. This is not passive stretching as you are working hard to change the physical make-up and composition of your body. These are precise stretches designed to increase body awareness by addressing a specific tissue causing tightness or movement restrictions. By addressing the fascia through precise stretching we can avoid ineffective mobility work and painful fascia treatment like foam rolling and Graston.

When you want to create awareness, control, and stability in a joint you must train the ligament, capsule, and tendons of that joint. If you injure the ACL or want to improve the control of the PCL then a general knee exercise will not cut it. The weak link will become weaker and the strong will become stronger unless you do a very precise exercise that gives the body no options but to work what you want. Remember, your body will compensate and save energy if it can so by using a specific exercise you remove this ability and create the exact training effect you need. There is a precise exercise for the ACL, PCL, MCL, etc. and general balance boards do not create the same effect.

It is important for every athlete to increase the capacity and efficiency of their breathing through targeted respiratory techniques. These exercises contribute to the development of everything from increased intra- abdominal pressure during heavy lifting to increased capacity during endurance activities. Each exercise is designed to target a specific aspect of your respiratory system, such as the superior lobe of the left lung, resulting in better lung capacity, diaphragm control and strength, and endurance. This training is a crucial piece to the function of the athlete and is an often-ignored piece of their training.

After the game: Regeneration for athletes

SHIFT hosts regeneration camps for sports teams and individual athletes to create a balance in their training or as recovery from a long season. It is a misunderstanding that sport is good for longevity. It is not. Athletes’ bodies break down at a rapid rate due to the high level of training and use of the same tissue over years and years. This damage can be mitigated to a high level with the proper training techniques utilized by SHIFT. Stretching for the soft tissue and fascia combined with ELDOA for the joint, awareness for the ligament, and circulation for the muscle creates the best opportunity for the athlete to recover from the rigors of training and competing at the highest level. Whether your sport is your career or your greatest passion, we can keep you competing for longer.

Athletes we train

SHIFT trains athletes of all skill levels and sport backgrounds.

The Injured Athlete

The goal of sport is to win. At SHIFT, we recognize it is harder to win while injured. We use a combination of manual therapy techniques combined with intelligent stretching. ELDOA, awareness, and strengthening to restore proper balance, tissue health, joint motion, and movement mechanics. Your sport is active. Your training for your sport is active. So why relegate your therapy to passive taping, lasers, scraping, ice, cupping, or E-stim? It doesn’t make any sense. At SHIFT, we teach you how to use your own body to heal the injury by giving you the tools for your own recovery. By using this system, we create an athlete who can self-manage their injury and a body that learns how to effectively create a positive change in its healing.