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If you are injured or in pain, we can help you

Pain can overcome your life and ruin your interactions with the people and activities you love. At SHIFT we recognize the severity and gravity of this reality and have dedicated our career to becoming the best to help you treat and overcome your pain or injury. You are unique, and so are we. We focus on giving you the tools to create a lasting change in your own wellness so that you can become self-sufficient and capable of managing your own body. We want to teach you to become your own best therapist.

Our Process


At SHIFT we utilize a comprehensive orthopedic and postural assessment to find the root cause of your problem. Treating symptoms provides temporary relief. While this can help the process momentarily, it is not a long-term solution and opens the door for recurring pain and chronic problems. We focus on finding the source of the problem to totally and completely eliminate your pain and reduce the likelihood of it happening again. If you are not assessing, you’re guessing.

Exercise Selection

Because of our comprehensive assessment we can eliminate the guesswork involved in picking your exercises. This results in a specific program for your needs and expedites the process towards recovery. A specific problem will not be resolved in a timely manner with a general exercise. Specificity is crucial in creating quick and effective change.

Home Program

This is the single most important component of the SHIFT program. After the assessment and exercise selection we teach you how to properly perform your home program so that you may do the exercises effectively on your own in-between sessions. This allows for consistency of training, increases effectiveness of the program, and teaches autonomy to the client. Every program is tailored to your pain and lifestyle so that you can effectively take steps towards creating the goal of lasting change. Without the home program there is no change and its importance cannot be overstated.

Our exercise techniques

Many orthopedic problems and causes of pain result from soft tissue and fascia that is “too tight” or unorganized. Myofascial stretching is the single most effective modality to create change in the tension and order of the specific tissue causing the problem. Pain in the neck, shoulder, back, hip, and knee can all be resolved with the correct stretches.

A specific injury to a ligament or tendon of a joint requires a specific exercise to increase the recovery and quality of the tissue. Again, a general exercise will not suffice here. The goal is to challenge the injured tissue to bring its quality equal to those uninjured tissues so that there is balance in all of the structure. If you do a general/global exercise here then you will increase the gradient between the good and bad tissue. This is why we use specific exercise for injuries to the ligaments, tendons, and joints.

To resolve a chronic or acute injury it is necessary to restore range of motion, tissue quality, function, and balance. Many times, injuries result from bad joint position due to weak or disconnected muscles. It is important to know which aspect of the muscle, deep or superficial and distal or proximal, or range of exercise to accomplish the goal necessary for injury healing. We use very specific strengthening exercises to accomplish the goal of permanent pain resolution, joint health, and tissue quality.

See the ELDOA page for more information on this revolutionary technique for pain elimination.

Welcome to Wellness

After the goal of pain resolution or injury recovery has been achieved it is our goal to transition the client into our Wellness program. This program includes private strength training and group wellness classes like S.P.I.N.E. and Myofascial Strengthening. We build a relationship with our clients and want to remain in contact with them during the remainder of their journey towards the best version of themselves.